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Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer

An aluminum worm gear reducer is a mechanical power transmission component designed to drive a load at a reduced motor speed at a fixed rate. The use of this worm speed reducer results in increased output torque with constant horsepower and less efficiency loss. These models have a lightweight aluminum housing and operate less frequently or have a shorter service life than cast iron models.

Wholesale Aluminium Worm Reducer

Worm Gearbox with Aluminum Housing for Lightweight Design and Hardened Steel Worm Shaft for Added Durability

Worm Gearbox with Aluminum Housing for Lightweight Design and Hardened Steel Worm Shaft for Added Durability

Worm gearboxes contain a screw gear on the input shaft and matching worm gear on the output shaft. The worm gearbox also changes the drive direction by 90°. Aluminum gearboxes have a hollow shaft output (from one side all the way to the other). For aluminum gearboxes, we also offer optional single and dual output shafts, output flanges, torque arms and output covers.

Only the highest quality materials are tested, certified and used in the manufacturing process. Our worm gearboxes are selected from high-quality materials and manufactured in an ISO9001 certified facility. Strict adherence to and compliance with the most stringent international and U.S. testing standards and manufacturing procedures ensure that you receive the highest quality product.

Structure of Aluminium Worm Gear Reducer

Wholesale Aluminium Worm Reducer
China Aluminium Worm Reducer

WLY Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer Features

  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Easy to install without the need for mounting feet.
  • A taper roller bearing on the output shaft for increased torque.
  • A large oil capacity.
  • High overhung and thrust load capacity
  • High-quality worm gear chill.

Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer Applications

For applications requiring lighter weight or less frequent operation or long service life, use a gearbox with an aluminum housing.
Use with motors to reduce output speed, increase torque, change drive direction, or run two loads from one motor.
For use with conveyors, packaging machines, rotary tables, etc.

Wholesale Aluminium Worm Reducer

Advantages of an Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer

There are many advantages to using this type of aluminum worm gear reducer. Aside from its lightweight construction, it offers excellent performance, durability, and value. It ensures dependable performance, and its ground gearing and oversized bearings accommodate heavy radial loads. Additionally, the single piece aluminum housing makes it strong and lightweight, adding value to any machine design.

Aside from providing increased torque and space-saving solutions, worm gear speed reducers are also ideal for markets with high sanitary requirements. As a reliable aluminum worm reducer supplier, WLY manufactures aluminum worm gear reducers that have been engineered to overcome common challenges associated with speed reduction. This product line has the performance to meet these sanitary requirements in virtually any application. The NMRV worm gear reducer is a versatile choice for most applications. It can be installed in various positions and is available in both single and double input shafts.

Our worm gearboxes are manufactured in a certified ISO9001 facility and are lightweight compared to steel worm gear reducers. These speed reducer gearboxes can be used with electric motors for a variety of applications, including reducing output speed and increasing torque. They are also ideal for changing drive direction or adjusting torque. Aside from the advantages listed above, they are also compatible with a variety of motor types.