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1. The worm gear reducer can get a huge equipment ratio, and the bigger output torque is smaller sized compared to the staggered axle gear mechanism.

2. The two tooth of the worm gear are in line get in touch with, and the bearing capability is much greater than that of the crossed helical equipment mechanism.

3. The worm gear reducer transmission is equivalent to the screw travel, which is a multi-tooth mesh travel, so the transmission is steady and the noise is very small.

4. The worm equipment reducer has self-locking real estate. When the lead position of the worm is usually smaller than the equivalent friction angle between the meshing teeth, the system has self-locking property, and the reverse self-locking could be realized, that’s, the worm wheel can only be driven by the worm, and the worm can’t be driven by the worm wheel. For instance, in the self-locking worm system used in its heavy machinery, the reverse self-locking house can serve as a safety protection.

5. The worm equipment reducer has high transmission efficiency and critical wear. However, the relative sliding rate is large, causing severe put on on the tooth surface and serious heat generation. To be able to dissipate heat and reduce wear, Gas-cooling Vacuum Pumps materials with better anti-friction and anti-wear properties and good lubrication devices tend to be used, therefore the cost is high.

6. The axial drive of the reducer worm is definitely huge, and the anti-lock bearing is certainly set up on the worm shaft of our factory.