Unlocking Superior Engineering with WLY’s High Precision Mini-Pitch Chains

In the rapidly advancing world of engineering machinery, the need for smaller, more precise chains has increased substantially. Responding to this demand, WLY brings to you our range of high precision mini-pitch chains. These are designed to meet the requirements of high-end machinery, including workplace equipment, healthcare machines, and industrial robots.

Introducing the Mini-Pitch Chain Series

At WLY, we offer the smallest compliant with ANSI, the 25 type with a pitch of 6.35mm. However, acknowledging the rising need for smaller chains, we have introduced the 15 type with a 4.7625mm (3/16 inch) pitch, alongside its high-power version, the 15H1.

These high precision chains are produced under stringent quality control measures. This is particularly crucial for smaller sizes where wear resistance is a key consideration.

Types of Chains and Their Selection

Please reference our “Low-speed selection” for chain variety. However, depending on the type of lubrication used, the chain operation speed can be set considerably higher, as shown in the table below.

Linking and Lubrication

Connecting Links and Offset Links

R connecting links are utilized for small pitch chains. However, their strength is less than the base chain, and the clip is more likely to come off in high-speed operation, so we do not recommend the use of connecting links. Instead, we suggest using a loop chain without attaching connecting links.

Offset links are available for chains excluding 15 and 15H1, but for the same reasons as the R Connecting links, their use is not recommended.

Working Speed and Lubrication

We offer a variety of chains suitable for different needs:

  • 15: A high precision mini-pitch bushing chain smaller than a compact drive chain for general applications.
  • 25: The smallest bushing chain among ANSI standard chains using curl bushings.
  • 35: An ANSI standard bushing chain perfect for small precision machinery requiring high power.

Why Choose WLY?

At WLY, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. We ensure that all our chains are manufactured under rigorous quality control, guaranteeing superior wear resistance and reliability. Our competitive pricing strategy ensures you receive the best value for your investment. Moreover, our knowledgeable and dedicated customer service team is always on standby to assist with any queries and provide after-sales support.

We encourage you to explore our range of high precision mini-pitch chains and reach out to our team for any assistance. We look forward to providing solutions for your engineering needs.


Common Questions About Our Products

Q1: What type of chain should I use for high-speed operation?

A: We recommend using a loop chain without attaching connecting links, as their clip may come off during high-speed operation.

Q2: Can I use an offset link for the 15 and 15H1 chains?

A: We do not recommend using offset links for the 15 and 15H1 chains to maintain the strength and reliability of the chains.

Q3: Which is the smallest bushing chain among ANSI standard chains?

A: The 25 type chain is the smallest bushing chain among ANSI standard chains that uses curl bushings.

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