Understanding the Different Types of Transfer Chain

Transfer chains play a significant role in the operation of various industries, carrying heavily concentrated loads such as lumber, boxes, barrels, and crates. They are particularly designed for operation in troughs in two or more parallel strands, with only the tops of the links showing. The two main types of Transfer Chains are the “H” Class and Mixture Class, each with unique characteristics.

“H” Class Transfer Chain

The “H” Class Transfer is available in several models including H 78A, H 78B, H 130, H 131, and H 138. All “H” Class Transfer Chains are exclusively available in riveted construction and are designed with different roofing styles. The H 78A, H 130, and H 131 are manufactured with peaked roofs, while the H 138 and H 78B are designed with flat roofs.

Features of “H” Class Transfer Chain

  • Riveted construction
  • Peaked and flat roof options
  • Tensile strengths ranging from 11,700 to 29,900 pounds
  • Rivet pins furnished with T-head pins to stop pin rotation and minimize wear

Mixture Transfer Chain

Mixture Transfer Chain includes the models C55A, C55B, and C55C. Similar to the “H” Class, the Mixture Transfer Chain is also available only in riveted construction and comes with peaked roofs.

Features of Mixture Transfer Chain

  • Riveted construction
  • Peaked roof
  • Tensile strengths varying based on the model

Why Choose WLY Transfer Chains

When it comes to the production of Transfer Chains, WLY is a market leader. We adhere to strict manufacturing standards, ensuring that our chains can be interchanged with those of other manufacturers when necessary. Our Transfer Chains are available in a pitch range of 1.631 to 4.000 inches.

WLY offers both Cast Iron and Fabricated Steel sprockets for every pitch size. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. We strongly encourage customers to explore our range of products and contact us for any purchase or inquiries.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of construction is used for the “H” Class and Mixture Transfer Chains?

Both the “H” Class and Mixture Transfer Chains are available only in riveted construction.

2. What is the tensile strength of the Transfer Chains?

The tensile strengths of Transfer Chains vary from 11,700 to 29,900 pounds.

3. Can I interchange WLY's Transfer Chains with those of other manufacturers?

Yes, WLY's Transfer Chains are manufactured according to universal standards and can be interchanged with chains from other manufacturers.

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