Trunnion Ball Valves for High Pressure Applications

Understanding Trunnion Ball Valves

Trunnion ball valves are highly effective solutions for high pressure applications. These valves are designed with a fixed or anchored ball, which is supported by two axial bearings. Trunnion ball valves have an edge over floating ball valves, especially in high pressure scenarios, as they can resist the high pressure without causing excessive pressure on the seat.

Benefits of Trunnion Ball Valves

  • High durability and longevity due to robust construction
  • Excellent sealing performance even under high pressure
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Reduced torque requirements
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperature and pressure conditions

Ball Valve

Why Use Trunnion Ball Valves for High Pressure Applications?

Trunnion ball valves are specifically designed to handle high pressure applications effectively. Their design allows them to maintain a tight seal even when exposed to high pressure, making them ideal for various industries such as nuclear power, oil, chemical, shipbuilding, offshore, metallurgy, machinery, and electricity.

Industries Benefitting from Trunnion Ball Valves

  • Nuclear Power: With their ability to withstand high pressure and temperature conditions, trunnion ball valves are ideal for nuclear power plants.
  • Oil and Gas: These valves are perfect for oil and gas pipelines where a tight seal is required under high pressure.
  • Chemical Industry: The robust design of trunnion ball valves makes them a great fit for the chemical industry where they deal with corrosive substances.
  • Shipbuilding and Offshore: The trunnion ball valves’ resistance to harsh conditions makes them suitable for shipbuilding and offshore applications.

WLY Transmission: Your Reliable Partner for Trunnion Ball Valves

Ball Valve
WLY Transmission is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure valves, including trunnion ball valves. We are committed to providing high-quality products at preferential prices, coupled with our considerate services. Our products are widely used in various industries, including nuclear power, oil, chemical, shipbuilding, offshore, metallurgy, machinery, and electricity. We are equipped with a complete set of manufacturing equipment and have the ability to provide personalized design, mold development, material molding and forging, CNC precision machining, metal surface treatment, and comprehensive product testing. Our products comply with standards of ANSI / ASME, DIN, BS, JIS, GB, CB, and other series. We also offer customized services to cater to specific client needs.

At WLY, we believe in delivering quality. Our dedication to quality is visible in our high-pressure trunnion ball valves, which are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous demands of high-pressure applications.

Choose WLY for High-Quality Trunnion Ball Valves

Choose WLY for trunnion ball valves that deliver exceptional performance, durability, and value. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to meet your high-pressure application needs.

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