Trunnion Ball Valve Design and Components

Understanding the design and components of a trunnion ball valve is vital for industries such as nuclear power, oil, shipbuilding, and more. These sectors require top-notch equipment to ensure the smooth running of their operations. One such essential piece of equipment is the trunnion ball valve. This article aims to provide an in-depth look into the design and components of a trunnion ball valve.

The Design of a Trunnion Ball Valve

Trunnion ball valves are designed for high-pressure service and are made from various materials, depending on their application. They offer excellent sealing performance, easy operation, and low fluid resistance. Their design comprises several key components, each performing a crucial role in the valve’s function.


Ball Valve

The body of the trunnion ball valve is typically made from forged steel. The material ensures high strength and resistance to high pressure and temperatures.


The ball is the central component of the valve. It is commonly made from stainless steel and contains a hole through which the fluid flows.


The seats are the components that create a seal when the valve is closed. They are generally made from soft sealing material like PTFE or hard sealing material like metal, depending on the application.

Trunnion Ball Valve Components

The trunnion ball valve is made up of several components, each with a specific function.


The stem is the component responsible for connecting the handle or actuator to the ball. It allows for the rotation of the ball when the valve is operated.


The trunnion is the support component for the ball. It holds the ball in place and allows it to rotate without displacing.


The seals help prevent leakage of the fluid being controlled by the valve. They are typically made from flexible materials that can withstand the fluid’s pressure and temperature.

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Ball Valve

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