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The smallest chain complying to ANSI is 25 of 6.35 mm pitch. Having said that, in response to the demands for smaller chains in recent times for higher engineering machinery such as workplace equipment, health care machines and industrial robots, we present 15 of 4.7625 mm (3/16 inch) pitch as well as 15H1 being a high-power version of 15. These higher precision chains are produced beneath serious good quality control especially essential for smaller sizes, taking dress in resistance also into consideration.
Variety of chain
Refer for the “Low-speed selection”. Having said that, the chain operation speed is often set considerably large according to the sort of lubrication as shown during the table beneath.
Connecting backlinks and offset back links
R connecting back links are used for tiny pitch chains. Even so, due to the fact their power is decrease than that in the base chain, and since the clip is more likely to come off in substantial pace operation, using connecting links isn’t recommended. Use a loop chain with no attaching connecting backlinks.
Offset backlinks can be found for chains aside from 15 and 15H1, but their use isn’t advised to the similar cause as stated for your R Connecting backlinks.
Working pace and sort of lubrication
15: A substantial precision mini-pitch bushing chain which is smaller than a compact drive chain for standard applications, 25
25: Smallest bushing chain amid ANSI normal chains working with curl bushings.
35: A ANSI common bushing chain appropriate for smaller precision machines that call for large power.