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Stainless steel roller chains are a popular choice for a variety of applications. Besides being corrosion-resistant, they offer structural integrity and durability. These chains are designed to withstand the most demanding environments.

Stainless steel is an excellent choice for chemical washdown applications and food processing machinery. They are also commonly used in automotive and agricultural settings.

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Stainless Steel Roller Chain Advantages

Food Industry Applications
The stainless steel roller is a well-known choice because it is able to stand up to extreme temperatures and is easy to clean. The chain must be maintained regularly in places that handle food or processed so these stainless steel chains make a great choice.
Temperature High Resistance
The stainless steel roller chains can withstand temperatures of up to 400 deg℃ , and as low as 20deg℃. That makes them a well-liked choice in cases where other mechanical or metal components are not the ideal solution.
Resistance to Corrosion
Another reason this stainless steel is chosen is because it is extremely resistant to alkaline and acidic environments. This is common in certain areas. A small magnetic permeation is yet another aspect of it.
Improved Wear Resistance to Pre-Stressed and heat treated materials
Heat-treated materials with enhanced temperature resistance and are also pre-stressed have a lower chance of being able to crack or stretch in the early stages.

Stainless Steel Chain Material

Stainless steel chains are made of high grade materials. They perform extremely well in acidic and alkaline environments, where direct contact with food, exposure to water and very high or low temperature locations (-40° to +400°C) are a requirement.

With our stainless steel chains, you are protected from corrosion damage. We manufacture stainless steel chains that operate efficiently in environments that face corrosion and extreme temperatures.

  • 600SS – Magnetic, designed for drive and conveyor applications with a large number of articulations. Hardened round parts provide 50% higher workloads and better wear life than 316/304 series, but are less resistant to corrosion.
  • 304SS – provides corrosion resistance at low or high temperatures
  • 316SS – provides higher corrosion resistance than our 304 and 600 series chains, operates more efficiently at extreme temperatures, and has very low magnetic properties
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Stainless Steel Roller Chain Application

Stainless steel roller chains have been used for generations by industry leaders in manufacturing and agriculture to transmit power for heavy duty applications. is invaluable because of its ability to continue to operate in the most difficult environments. Having the right chain for each manufacturing component helps reduce costly equipment failures, which are critical to success. Stainless steel roller chains are often used in situations where corrosion is likely to occur. The use of stainless steel chain in these situations is invaluable because it provides structural integrity and withstands environmental stresses over time.

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