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Speed Reducer Gearbox

A speed reducer is a type of gearbox that enables a machine to run at a lower speed. This type of gearbox has two main purposes: to reduce noise and increase fuel efficiency. However, the two purposes are not the same, so the proper gearbox for your needs should be chosen. The following are several types of speed reducer gearboxes we offer.

Types of Speed Reduction Gearbox for Sale


If you’re looking for reduction gearboxes for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find excellent units, which are brand new and includes all of the original tags and packaging.

Gear speed reduction gearboxes come in many different forms. A parallel shaft reducer uses a pinion gear with a specified number of teeth. A right-angle reducer, on the other hand, uses a planetary worm gear. All types of gear reduce the amount of power that’s transmitted by the electric motor. And they all have very specific purposes, like making electric cars more efficient.

Reduction drive gearboxes have many benefits. They reduce the speed of the motor, which allows the receiving member to move under the new torque.

As a professional transmission parts factory in China, we offer various types of gear reducers for sale. Check more in the following and contact us if you are interested!

Gearbox Reducers

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