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SMR(Y)Reducer Specification

EP SMR(Y) XG Reducer metric Shaft Attach Reducer are metric in style

throughout and also have power rankings to AGMA standard.Shaft

Mount Reducers give a very convenient method of reducing

speed,because it is mounted directly on the driven shaft

instead of requiring foundations of its.

It eliminates the use of 1,and sometimes two,flexible

couplings and externals belt take-up arrangements,

A torque-arm anchors the reducer and quick,easy

adjustment of the Wedge belts through its turnbuckle.

Fixed Star Shaft Mount Reducers are manufactured in eight

equipment case sizes,nominal gear ratios are 5:1,13:1 and 20:1.

Fixed Superstar SMRY are produced in eight gear case sizes,

from size 2 to size 9,maximum power up to 150 HP ,nominal

gear ratios are1 5:1and 25:1.

A very wide choice of final driven speeds could be determined

by use of a proper insight Wedge Belt Drive.

The units will normally be oil lubricated,however they are

equally suitable for extended life synthetic lubricants.

XG Reducer Specification

The characteristics are as follows:

1)Make use of low-carbon alloyed metal cementation processing completely.

2)The apparatus and the gear shaft precision is high.

3)The volume small,the torque can be big.