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In general Small Electric Engine is a kind of electric ac motor machine convert one energy to some other. Our range of Electric Motors provide efficient overall performance and efficient efficiency in the various applications of different industries. These motors are extensively found in various industries like engineering and electronic industries.
Small DC Motor, 0.5-6 volt
This small DC motor runs off any battery or solar cell which range from 0.5-volts to 6-volts in fact it is our best all-purpose engine. It really is ideal for experimenting with direct current (DC) electricity or creating motorized tasks of your design. It may also be utilized as a little DC generator.

This small DC motor rotates at about 1800 rpm at 2.0 volts. It is smaller and faster than our low acceleration DC motor. Be sure to order a plastic material propeller with this little DC motor so that you can watch the motor convert as you experiment.