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PTO Shaft Sizes

PTO shafts come in many different shapes and sizes. They are used for different jobs and can resist pressure, impacts, and tension. These shafts feature a slip clutch and shear pin to prevent common obstacles. If you’re not sure how to measure a PTO shaft, check out the following guide. It will help you choose the right one for your application.

PTO Shaft

Identifying the Right PTO Shaft for Your Application

To select the proper PTO shaft, know which style you have. There are several types to choose from, including Italian, North American, and metric. Some brands offer several different series for easy identification. Different PTO shaft styles have different dimensions and can vary from one another. Make sure to find the correct size by examining the shaft’s bearing diameter, cap-to-cap length, snap rings, and overall length.

The size and horsepower of the PTO shaft are also important. Make sure to check for safety features like chain and shield. Some PTO shafts have internal or external yokes at the drive and secondary ends. They are welded to the drive end of the tractor. You can also look for universal joints and yokes. Some shafts have external yokes with a “Y” shape, which connect to the U-joint.

Before installing a PTO, determine its operating range. In many cases, this range is more than enough. A few variations are common, including the length of the PTO shaft. The PTO shaft must be the correct length for the horsepower of the tractor. It should also fit within the dimensions of the driveline. In addition to the diameter, you should also determine the type of implement end you have.

Aside from the size of the PTO shaft, you should also know what style of PTO shaft your tractor is using. There are North American and Italian PTO shaft styles. The two basic parts of a PTO shaft are cross and bearing kits and universal joints. These universal joints help distribute power from tractors to attached implements. You can also find extra parts for your tractor’s PTO, including inner tubes, outer tubes, guards, and universal clutches and pins.

PTO Shaft Size Chart

Measuring the PTO shaft

When it comes to purchasing the right PTO shaft size for your tractor, you will need to know the exact length of the old one. This will help you avoid bottoming out or causing a conflict with the agricultural gearbox. Before you begin, make sure that the PTO shaft is the right size for your tractor. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for recommended lengths. To measure the shaft, measure it from outside the yoke. The closed length should match the horsepower of your tractor. Tractor PTO shafts rotate at speeds of 540 or 1000 RPM, depending on the model. Using a measuring tape, take measurements of both open and closed lengths.

If your tractor is equipped with a three-point hitch, then you’ll want to slide the shafts back about 4.5 inches to create a buffer. This will help you hook up the PTO shaft to your implement with less effort. If you’re not using a buffer, be sure to use a steel one because a bare shaft can break easily. In addition, using a wrench to make a cut will prevent the shaft from splitting.

To cut the PTO shaft, you’ll need to cut it at the right length. If you measure it wrong, you could end up with a bottomed-out tractor or conflict between the shaft and gearbox. To measure the length of the PTO shaft, you need to know the part number or specifications provided by the manufacturer. The part number is typically found on the label of the shaft.PTO Shaft Sizes Measurement


PTO Shaft Size Chart

Function Power transmission
Use Tractors and  Farm Implements
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China
Yoke Type push pin/quick release/ball attachment/collar/double push pin/bolt pins/split pins etc.
Processing Of Yoke Forge
Plastic Cover YW;BW;YS;BS According to Customer’s request
Color Yellow;black,Green,Red.According to Customer’s request
Series T1-T10,L1-L6,S6-S10,10HP-150HP,SA,RA,SB,SFF,WA,CV etc.
Tube Type Trianglar/Lemon/Star/Square/Hexangular/Spline etc.
Processing Of Tube Cold-drawn
Spline Type

1 1/8″ Z6; 1 3/8″ Z6; 1 3/8” Z21 ;1 3/4” Z20;1 1/8 Z6; 1 3/4” Z6;

8-38*32*6; 8-42*36*7;8-48*42*8;

PTO Shaft

Choosing the Right PTO Shaft for Your Application

When choosing the correct PTO shaft for your tractor, make sure that the manufacturer provides recommendations. You can measure the shaft from the outside of the yokes, and the closed length of the shaft should correspond to the horsepower of your tractor. Generally, a tractor PTO shaft has two speeds. Once it is too short or too long, it will cause damage to the PTO mechanism. You should always use the correct PTO shaft size for your machine to ensure that the power transfer to the machine is smooth and hassle-free.

If you’re unsure of the size of your PTO shaft, you can check the cross and bearing kit on your tractor. It is located at the tractor-end of the driveline. Measure the outside diameter of the u-joint caps, as well as the inside diameter of the yoke ears. If your PTO shaft is larger than the cross and bearing kit, you’ll need to cut the driveline into a proper size. Some PTO shafts are available in metric styles.

Choosing the correct PTO shaft size for your application is important for various reasons. These parts are important because they ensure a stable connection between the engine and the attachment, which means you need to make sure that you choose the correct one. Different types of PTO shafts are designed for different applications, and different manufacturers offer a variety of options. Consider the features of different PTO shafts to determine which one is best for your specific needs.

Using a PTO yoke size chart can make it easier to determine the right size for your PTO shaft. To find the right PTO shaft size, you must first determine how much horsepower your tractor has. Using the manufacturer’s recommended lengths for each yoke is the easiest way to determine the proper PTO series size for your application. To determine the appropriate length, measure the shaft from the outside of each yoke. The closed length should match the horsepower of the tractor.

A PTO drive shaft is the mechanical component that transfers tractor power to a particular implement. Selecting the wrong one can damage your driveline, equipment, and safety. WLY, a member of Hangzhou Ever-power Transmission Group in Zhejiang, China, which is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of PTO shafts, stocks a large inventory of constant velocity drivelines and can match the original OEM specs. When in doubt, contact us now!

PTO Shaft