Taper Lock V Pulley

A taper lock v belt pulley is a type of pulley designed for use with v-belts. It features a tapered hub that allows it to be quickly and easily installed onto a v-belt. The taper lock design prevents the pulley from slipping on the belt, while also allowing it to be easily removed if necessary. This makes it ideal for applications where belt changes are often required.

Taper Lock Pulley Catalogue

The associated taper lock bushings are available with bore holes in various sizes and with a keyway in both metric and imperial dimensions. They are supplied together with the appropriate socket head screws and can be found on our website. The major advantages of using a clamping bush lie in the fact that the pulley and shaft do not have to be modified beforehand and that mounting and removal are very simple.

The most common types of V-belt pulleys with taper lock bushing are SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC. These are available from stock. In addition to these profiles, other types of V-belt pulleys with clamping bush are also available.

Taper Lock Pulley Specification


Pulley Sizes
Manufacturing Process
Surface Treatment
Chemical Industry, Mining Transport, Power Plant

Taper Lock V Pulley Material

V-belt pulleys are usually made of cast iron (GG) and steel. If required for specific applications, these parts can also be manufactured from aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic materials. Optionally, taper lock V-pulleys can be provided with an additional surface treatment if required by the environmental conditions of the drive. In addition, taper lock V-pulleys can be manufactured to customer specifications. In our turning shop, we can machine standard pulleys according to drawings or customer wishes.

Taper Lock V Pulley

Taper Lock V Pulley Features

Taper lock V pulleys are power transmission components designed to transfer power between a drive and a driven component. They feature a tapered hub design that creates a tight, non-slip fit, a V-shaped groove that accommodates a V-belt for a positive grip, and durable construction made from high-quality materials like cast iron, steel, or aluminum. Taper lock V pulleys are interchangeable with other taper lock components, making it easy to replace worn or damaged components without replacing the entire system. Overall, taper lock V pulleys are reliable, efficient, and versatile, making them an essential component in many industries.

Taper Lock V Belt Pulley

How to Measure the Pulley?

  1.  Measure the distance between pulley grooves
  2.  Measure the thickness of the groove
  3.  Measure the inner diameter of the pulley
  4.  Measure the outer diameter of the pulley

How to Measure the Pulley

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