Idler Sprockets

Idler sprockets engage with roller chains to maintain tension, change the direction of the chain, or move the chain away from obstacles. They usually rotate freely on a shaft that does not transmit power and can reduce chain vibration and wear. A good quality idler sprocket will ensure the smooth operation of your power transmission. It may even extend the life of your chain. So, be sure to buy your sprockets from a reputable supplier. WLY is exactly the professional manufacturer and supplier that you can rely on in China. We offer high-quality idler sprockets at reasonable prices! Contact us now if you are interested!

Idler Sprocket

What is an Idler Sprocket?

Idler sprockets are used in a variety of machines. They provide a sturdy wheel that engages a chain. The sprocket and chain are usually made from metal. However, some machines use wooden or plastic sprockets.

These sprockets are designed to be compatible with a variety of chain sizes. The sprocket is typically secured to the shaft with an ANSI standard dimensioned keyway. When using a toothed belt, the sprocket may have teeth on its surface.

In addition to ensuring that the sprocket meshes with the belt, the profile of the sprocket also determines the acoustic signature of the drive system. For example, a sprocket that is designed for low angles of wrap will be less likely to cause noise.

While the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) provides a list of standard parameters for idler sprockets, these parameters are not applicable to all applications. To ensure that the correct sprocket is selected for your application, it is important to know the ANSI keyway size and the pitch radius.

A typical idler sprocket is a single piece that has a steel construction. Some sprockets have an aluminum or nylon coating. This makes them resistant to corrosive environments.

An inventive idler sprocket design aims to reduce the mismatch between the sprocket profile and the belt profile. By doing this, it reduces the amount of noise caused by backlash.

Chain Idler Sprocket Applications

Idler Sprocket Application


Idler Sprocket Application


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Idler Sprocket Function

Idler sprockets are stationary components of conveyor belts. They may seem like a simple piece of metal to many, but they have several functions. For example, they may help to reduce chain wear and improve system stability.

The most obvious function of an idler sprocket is to help maintain the tension of a roller chain. The chain idler sprocket keeps the chain from being overtightened and can help to keep the chain from coming off the drive sprockets. In addition, an idler sprocket can also be used to position the chain away from obstructions.

The most efficient power transmission in a chain drive requires near perfect coupling between the two shafts. An idler can help with this by changing the direction of rotation of the chain. This is a small and simple change that will make a big difference.

Idler Sprockets

Idler Sprocket Design