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Sugar Mill Chains 901, 902, 907, 5107

Sugar mill chains are used in sugar mills to drive, lift and convey the entire processing system of raw materials, juice extraction, settling, evaporation, drying, sieving and packaging for the sugar industry worldwide . We have rich design experience and manufacturing technology to manufacture high quality sugar mill chains.

In sugar refining industry, chain is mainly adopted as transmission chain. Sugar mill chain has to be abrasion and corrosion resistant since it is inevitably exposed to strong impacts and corrosive environments.The most common sugar mill chain are chains for sugar machines like bush chains, cast steel chains, and sugar cane collecting chains, sugar cane conveying chains, bagasse conveying chains,etc.

Sugar Mill Chain

Since sugar mill chains are inevitably exposed to strong impact and corrosive environments, they must be wear and corrosion resistant. The most common sugar mill chains are sugar machine chains, such as sugar mill chains with push head, sugar mill chains with K-type attachment plate, straight sugar mill chains, bent sugar mill chains, etc. We are a manufacturer of sugar mill chains in China . Based on our knowledge of sugar process and equipment, we know how to produce bent edge chains and attachments and sugar mill chains suitable for long term transfer and lifting applications in sugar industry.

Characteristics of Sugar Mill Chain

  • Sugar mill chain is referring to the chain utilized in the manufacturing equipment used for sugar (sugar cane and sugar beet are the main raw ingredients) and the products are used to manufacture the process of lifting, transmission and transportation within the industry of sugar. WLY has extensive experience in design as well as manufacturing expertise and is able to offer system solutions to users.
  • Martensite stainless steel is chosen for the shaft pin and sleeves for the chain in a certain setting. A highly efficient heat treatment process guarantees the durability and strength that the item. It features high wear resistance, robust corrosion resistance, and stable performance and its life span is increased by more than one-time.

Typical Structure of Sugar Mill Chain

Sugar Mill Chain

Sugar Mill Chain with Push Head

Sugar Mill Chain

Bending Sugar Mill Chain

Sugar Mill Chain

Straight Plate Sugar Mill Chain

Sugar Mill Chain

Sugar Mill Chain with K-type Attached Plate

900 Class Sugar Mill Chains

Sugar Mill Chain

The 900 Series Pintle Chain is sometimes referred to as the "Sugar Mill Chain". The multi-strand 900 Pintle Chain, with one or two holes per link, can be fitted with overlappig beaded carrier slats to form a continuous slat conveyor for intermediate carrier service.
The pin holes at the closed end of the 900 series link are equipped with smooth bushings that are pressed into the link and locked into place. The bushings are renewable and can be removed and replaced as they wear. The 900 sugar mill chain is designed with double barrels, one on each side of the open end of the link, to accommodate the double sprockets. The purpose of this drive method is to eliminate the possibility of material buildup in the sprocket contact area, which often causes the chain to skip sprockets. Heavy ribs sturdily reinforce these barrels.
Our 900 pintle sugar mill chain links have a tensile strength of 22,500 to 32,500 pounds. and provide a large sliding surface to reduce chain wear and extend chain life.Sugar Mill Chain

Chain No. Pitch A C D E F G H M P R T Weight (Lbs)
901 3.149 0.625 5.50 0.66 1.25 1.34 0.78 1.38 - 1.13 0.94 0.36 12.2
902 2.970 0.625 5.50 0.66 1.25 1.34 0.88 1.38 - 1.13 0.94 0.36 12.5
901 3.149 0.625 5.50 0.66 1.25 1.34 0.78 1.58 - 1.13 0.94 0.36 12.2
902 2.970 0.625 5.50 0.66 1.25 1.34 0.88 1.48 - 1.13 0.94 0.36 12.5
901 3.149 0.625 5.50 0.41 1.25 1.34 0.78 1.38 1.09 1.13 0.94 0.36 12.2
902 2.970 0.625 5.50 0.41 1.25 1.34 0.88 1.38 1.09 1.13 0.94 0.36 12.5
901 3.149 0.625 5.50 0.41 1.25 1.34 0.78 1.58 1.09 1.13 0.94 0.36 12.2
902 2.970 0.625 5.50 0.41 1.25 1.34 0.88 1.48 1.09 1.13 0.94 0.36 12.5
907 3.170 0.625 5.50 0.66 1.31 1.44 0.72 1.69 - 1.13 0.94 0.36 12.1
5174 2.360 0.580 5.18 0.38 1.12 1.08 0.64 1.18 1.00 1.13 0.74 0.36 11.7

Mechanical Chains and Sprockets

  • Chains and sprockets are mainly used in all applications such as transportation, machinery and other motor applications.
  • Chain and sprockets are maintained with grease and oil spray to provide smoother and better operation.
  • It makes the wheels run as the motor rotates and is considered as Rotation Per Minute (RPM).

Chains and sprockets are mainly used in the transport industry and machine building industry to rotate wheels by means of motors or engines. These chains and sprockets both help the wheelbase to run fast according to the engine speed. The chain hangs between the motor and the sprocket, the motor turns the sprocket and the chain is connected to the sprocket teeth, which can turn simultaneously with the motor wheel, thus making the vehicle or machine run smoothly. WLY is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We can offer various high-quality chains and sprockets for sale.


Packaging Display

Our chain is most commonly supplied in 10ft boxes including one connecting link per box, but we can also supply this chain at custom lengths as needed. We also offer a full line of good-quality sprockets for this chain. For pricing and availability please contact us at any time.

Sugar Mill Chain Packaging Display

Choose WLY Sugar Mill Chain

1. WLY is a member of Ever-power Transmission, established in 1991, we have 5 subsidiaries in China and also have 6 subsidiaries abroad;
2. We covering a production area of 200, 100 square meters, have more than 1, 800 sets of advanced equipment and over 3, 100 highly skilled employees, the annual production capacity has exceeded 20, 000, 000 meters;
3. We specialized in producing all kinds of standard chains and special chains, such as A or B series chains, driving chains, conveyor chains, dragging chains, agricultural chains and so on;
4. We have obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO16969, AAA and API certificates.

We are specialized in producing all kinds of standard transmission chains and special chains,such as automobile chains, stainless steel chains, combine harvester chains, heavy-duty cranked link transmission chains, stereo garage chains and maintenance-free chains etc. In recent years, it invests the capital and depends on the improvement of technology to accelerate the step of new product development and the step of technology reform. It intends to produce high strength and precision chains in order to meet requirements of the domestic and overseas markets.

Feel Free to contact us for more information if you are interested.




Additional information



pruduct quality report

Materials Available

1. Stainless Steel: SS201, SS303, SS304, SS316, SS416, SS420
2. Steel:C45(K1045), C46(K1046),C20
3. Brass:C36000 ( C26800), C37700 ( HPb59), C38500( HPb58), C27200(CuZn37), C28000(CuZn40)
4. Bronze: C51000, C52100, C54400, etc
5. Iron: 1213, 12L14,1215
6. Aluminum: Al6061, Al6063
7.OEM according to your request
product materials available

Surface Treatment

Annealing, natural canonization, heat treatment, polishing, nickel plating, chrome plating, zinc plating,yellow passivization, gold passivization, satin, Black surface painted etc.

Processing Method

CNC machining, punch,turning, milling, drilling, grinding, broaching, welding and assembly
product finishing

QC & Certificate

Technicians self-check in production,final-check before package by professional Quality inspector
ISO9001:2008 , ISO14001:2001,ISO/TS 16949:2009

Eight reasons to choose us:


1. Perfect service system and after-sale protection.
2. Quality problems will be solved within 24hours.
3. One-to-one customer service tracking processing.
4. Companies carry out the ERP management, improve enterprise fast response.
5. Quality assurance, one year warranty.
6. Supporting professional matched other equipments.
7. The company has more than one product testing units, the implementation of ISO9001: 2015.
8. Unique development and design capabilities to meet the needs of special-purpose equipment manufacturing.


Five Core strengths:


1. The first domestic independent R & D manufacturer and 22 years of professional manufacturing.
2. Casting exquisite, beautiful, practical and durable.
3. Complete specifications, cost-effective and spot supply.
4. Independent research and development, special specifications can be customized.
5. Selected materials, high-tech treatment, up to the international standard test.

Package & Lead Time

Size: Drawings
Wooden Case/Container and pallet, or as per customized specifications.
15-25days samples. 30-45days offcial order
Port: Shanghai/Ningbo port


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: Our group consists in 3 factories and 2 abroad sales corporations.

Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?
A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.

Q: How long is your delivery time ? What is your terms of payment ?
A: Generally it is 40-45 days. The time may vary depending on the product and the level of customization. For standard products, the payment is: 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shipment.

Q: What is the exact MOQ or price for your product ?
A: As an OEM company, we can provide and adapt our products to a wide range of needs.Thus, MOQ and price may greatly vary with size, material and further specifications; For instance, costly products or standard products will usually have a lower MOQ. Please contact us with all relevant details to get the most accurate quotation.