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PTO Drive Shaft for Post Hole Digger

A high-performance PTO drive shaft is essential to a well-functioned post-hole digger. Post hole diggers are the ideal choice for small jobs and homesteaders. They combine a high-performance auger with a PTO drive shaft. These tools are also equipped with three-point auger attachments.

Post Hole Digger PTO Shaft

A post hole digger PTO drive shaft is a component of a post hole digger that is used to transfer power from the tractor to the digger's gearbox. The PTO drive shaft for post hole digger connects the tractor's PTO (power take-off) to the digger's gearbox, which drives the auger that digs the hole.

PTO shafts consist of a series of telescoping tubes with a yoke at each end. The yokes attach to the tractor's PTO and the digger's gearbox. The shaft is designed to handle the torque and rotational speed required to power the auger.

A post hole digger PTO drive shaft is usually partially protected by shielding on the straight part of the shaft, as well as on the universal joints and PTO connection. The shielding can trap clothing around protruding bolts and pins, which can catch in clothing or snag on the PTO. If the sleeve is wrapped around the shaft, clothing can get trapped against it, which can result in an injury.

Auger Pto Shaft

Post Hole Digger PTO Shaft Features

Some of the key features of a post-hole digger PTO shaft include:

  1. Telescoping Design: PTO shafts typically have a telescoping design, which allows them to extend and retract to fit different tractor and implement combinations.
  2. Heavy-Duty Construction: PTO shafts are made from high-strength materials such as steel or aluminum to withstand the high torque and rotational speeds generated by the tractor's PTO.
  3. Safety Devices: Many PTO shafts come with safety devices such as shear pins or slip clutches to protect against damage caused by overloading or jamming of the digger's auger.
  4. Grease Fittings: PTO shafts often feature grease fittings that allow for easy lubrication and maintenance.
  5. Universal Joints: PTO shafts typically have universal joints at each end, which allow for smooth power transfer even when the shaft is not perfectly aligned.
  6. Protective Shields: PTO shafts may come with protective shields to prevent accidental contact with moving parts.

The PTO shaft is a crucial component of a post hole digger, as it allows the power generated by the tractor to be transferred to the auger that does the actual digging. It's important to select a high-quality PTO shaft that is properly sized for your tractor and post hole digger, and to follow all safety guidelines when using the equipment.

Auger PTO Shaft Guards

It's important to properly maintain and use the PTO shaft to avoid accidents and injuries. Always ensure the PTO is disengaged and the tractor is turned off before attaching or detaching the shaft. Inspect the shaft for signs of wear or damage, and replace any worn or damaged components before using the digger. Also, make sure the shaft is properly lubricated before each use. Auger PTO shaft guards are designed to prevent entanglement and injuries in augers powered by PTO engines. This PTO drive shaft rotates at high speeds, usually 540 rpm, or 1,000 rpm (16 times per second). This means that clothing is wrapped around the post hole digger PTO shaft faster than a person can react. A five-tenth-second reaction time is sufficient for most people to get free from entanglement, but this can become a problem when the shaft is turning at only half or a quarter of its recommended operating speed.

Specification of Post Hole Digger PTO Shaft

Function Drive Shaft Parts & Power Transmission
Use Kinds of Tractors & Farm Implements
Yoke Type Double push pin, Bolt pins, Split pins,Push pin, Quick release, Ball attachment, Collar.....
Processing Of Yoke Forging
Plastic Cover YW; BW; YS; BS; Etc
Color Green; Orange; Yellow; Black Ect.
Series T1-T10; L1-L6; S6-S10;10HP-150HP with SA,RA,SB,SFF,WA,CV Etc
Tube Type Lemon, Triangular, Star, Square, Hexangular, Spline, Special Ect.
Processing Of Tube Cold drawn
Spline Type 1 1/8" Z6;1 3/8" Z6; 1 3/8" Z21 ;1 3/4" Z20; 1 3/4" Z6; 8-38*32*6 8-42*36*7; 8-48*42*8;
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


Pto Drive Shaft for Auger

Typical Entanglement Hazards When Using Auger PTO Shaft

The auger PTO drive shaft for the post hole digger is a critical area for entanglement hazards. In the case of a 14-year-old male, entanglement caused the traumatic amputation of his right arm, compound fractures of his left arm and leg, a broken collarbone, major nerve damage, and cuts to both his hands. As a result, this shaft is prone to catastrophic entanglement. Typically, this series of PTO drive shafts are made of stainless steel or a similar material.

In recent years, PTO entanglement incidents have been decreasing, especially compared to other causes of farm fatalities. In Pennsylvania, for example, the latest statistics recorded five fatalities due to entanglement. These statistics indicate the importance of PTO safety. For this reason, the manufacturer of farm machinery should consider entanglement hazards when designing the auger.

Auger Pto Shaft

Cautions of Auger PTO Drive Shaft for Post Hole Digger

After purchasing the post-hole digger, you should determine the auger PTO shaft length. To determine this, locate the PTO stub shaft located on the tractor. The post-hole digger drive shaft should come out of the PTO stub shaft and be so short that the gearbox almost touches the ground. After establishing the proper 3-point auger drive shaft length, you can drill a hole or ditch to test it. Always leave enough clearance between the PTO drive shaft for the post hole digger and the driveshaft coupler to prevent damage caused by the line between the two.

To operate the PTO Post Hole Digger safely, always make sure that the post hole digger PTO shaft is disengaged before lowering the auger. You should also disconnect the PTO shaft for post hole auger before beginning digging. The safety of your workers and those around you depends on you being knowledgeable of how to operate the post-hole digger safely. When using a post-hole digger, you should always check for damage or excessive dullness of the cutting edges.

The auger PTO shaft rotates at full speed and is capable of speeds of up to 1,000 rpm. This is faster than the reaction time of the human body, which makes a speedy evasive action unlikely. It's important to keep in mind that many entanglements occur when the shaft is running at half or a quarter of its recommended operating speed. The reason for this is that in five-tenths of a second, people are able to react and pull away, resulting in a tighter entanglement.

No matter what type of auger PTO shaft you are using, if you are not familiar with the type of digging tool, be sure to read the manual thoroughly before using it. If you do not, you may encounter serious injury or even death. If this is the case, seek professional help to ensure the safety of everyone. WLY also provides you with a high-quality PTO shaft safety shield. Feel free to contact us!

Post Hole Auger Pto Shaft

PTO Shaft for Post Hole Auger Display

Post Hole Digger Pto Shaft

Post Hole Digger Pto Shaft

Pto Shaft for Post Hole Digger

Pto Shaft for Post Hole Digger

How to Loosen a Sticky PTO Drive Shaft for Auger?

In the event that your auger PTO shaft gets stuck, you can loosen it by hammering on it with a large puller. However, if the post hole digger PTO shaft is stuck, you will have to remove the cross (universal joint) first. Once you have removed the cross, you will have to remove the auger PTO shaft. Depending on the size of the auger, you may need to use a large puller in order to loosen the PTO drive shaft for post hole digger.

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A PTO shaft is an integral part of an agricultural gearbox. In either case, the PTO must be engaged before it can be used. It also has two stages of transmission clutches, which must be operated properly to avoid damage. In addition to the PTO drive shaft for post-hole diggers, the agricultural PTO gearbox contains other important components, such as the clutches. In addition, the agricultural gearbox also requires the correct lubrication. The correct lubrication is necessary to prevent the gearbox from sticking and make the tractor run more smoothly. Also, using a grease gun to lubricate the agricultural gearbox is essential.

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