Mini Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance Tips

Mini excavators are widely used in many industries, and the hydraulic cylinders are the core components of the excavator. Because the hydraulic cylinder is working in a harsh environment, it is necessary to maintain it regularly to ensure its normal operation. Here are some tips for the maintenance of mini excavator hydraulic cylinders.

Check the Hydraulic Cylinder Seals Regularly

Hydraulic cylinders are sealed with sealing elements, which can effectively prevent oil leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the seals are aging, hardening, or cracking regularly. If they are found to be damaged, they should be replaced in time. Otherwise, it will cause oil leakage and reduce the working efficiency.

Check the Inner Wall of the Cylinder

The inner wall of the hydraulic cylinder should be checked regularly for scratches and other debris. If the scratches are too deep, it will cause the seal to be damaged, so it is necessary to replace the cylinder body. The debris can block the oil passage, resulting in insufficient oil supply. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the inside of the cylinder in time.

Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder

Check the Connecting Parts

The connecting parts of the hydraulic cylinder should be checked for looseness and corrosion. If there is any looseness, it should be tightened in time, and the corrosion should be removed in time to ensure the connection is solid. In addition, it is also necessary to check the connecting parts for any oil leakage. If there is any oil leakage, the parts should be replaced in time.

Clean the Hydraulic Cylinder Regularly

The hydraulic cylinder should be cleaned regularly. The outside of the cylinder should be cleaned with a clean cloth, and the inside of the cylinder should be cleaned with a special cleaning solution. This can remove dust and dirt from the surface of the cylinder, and prevent oil leakage caused by dirt entering the cylinder.

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