Maintaining and Servicing Crane Suspension Cylinders: A Comprehensive Guide

Crane suspension cylinders are key components in the operation of various heavy machinery. However, they may encounter several problems due to factors such as wear and tear, improper operation, or inadequate maintenance. This guide will outline some common issues, provide solutions, and guide you through the maintenance and service process of crane suspension cylinders.

The Occurrence of Problems with Crane Suspension Cylinders

Common issues with crane suspension cylinders typically occur under circumstances such as:

  • Excessive load operation
  • Poor lubrication
  • Contaminated hydraulic fluid
  • Wear and tear due to regular use

Solutions for Maintaining and Servicing Crane Suspension Cylinders

Here are several solutions to address these problems:

Regular Inspection

Conducting regular inspections can help identify issues early, preventing extensive damage or costly repairs.

Cleaning and Lubrication

Regular cleaning and proper lubrication can help prevent dirt and contaminants from causing damage to the cylinders.

Proper Operation

Hydraulic Cylinder

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for operation can help prevent damage caused by excessive load or speed.

Steps for Maintaining and Servicing Crane Suspension Cylinders

The following are necessary steps to maintain and service crane suspension cylinders:


Check the cylinder for any visible damages or leaks.


Clean the cylinder with a suitable cleaning agent to remove dirt and contaminants.


Lubricate the cylinder with the recommended lubricant to ensure smooth operation.

Seal Replacement

Replace any worn out seals to prevent leaks.

Preventive Measures for Crane Suspension Cylinder Problems

Crane Hydraulic Cylinder

Preventive measures for crane suspension cylinder problems include:

  • Regular inspection and maintenance
  • Proper operation according to the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Using high-quality hydraulic fluid and replacing it regularly

If the problems persist after following the provided solutions, feel free to contact the technical department of WLY Transmission. Our team will assist you in resolving the issues. Emails are typically processed within 24 hours.

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