How to Install Two Stage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder?

Installing two stage telescopic hydraulic cylinders can be a tricky process. It is important to follow the correct steps in order to ensure the safety and efficiency of the product. In this article, we will discuss the steps involved in installing two stage telescopic hydraulic cylinders.

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

Steps Involved in Installing Two Stage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Step 1: Pre-Installation Preparations

Before installation, there are a few things that need to be considered. Firstly, the mounting position of the cylinder should be determined. It should be placed in such a way that the cylinder can move freely and without obstruction. Secondly, the power supply for the cylinder should be checked to ensure correct voltage and connections. Once these steps are completed, installation can begin.

Step 2: Mounting the Cylinder

The cylinder should be mounted securely to its designated mounting surface. The mounting bolts should be tightened, and the cylinder should be checked for any signs of movement. If there is any movement, the bolts should be tightened securely.

Step 3: Connecting the Hydraulic Hoses

The hydraulic hoses should be connected to the appropriate ports on the cylinder. The hoses should be checked for any signs of wear or damage. If there is any, the hoses should be replaced before continuing.

Step 4: Setting the Pressure

The pressure should be adjusted to the desired level. This can be done by using the pressure gauge on the cylinder. The pressure should be checked regularly to ensure that it is at the correct level.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Step 5: Testing the System

Once the installation is complete, the system should be tested by operating it several times. This will help identify any problems and ensure that the system is functioning properly.

Points to Remember During Installation

  • Ensure that the mounting surface is secure and free from any obstructions.
  • Check the power supply for correct voltage and connections.
  • Mount the cylinder securely with the mounting bolts.
  • Check the hydraulic hoses for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Set the pressure to the desired level.
  • Test the system by operating it several times.

What to Do if the Problem is Not Resolved

If the problem is not resolved after following the above steps, it is best to contact the technical department of WLY Transmission. The team of experts will be able to provide assistance and guidance in resolving the issue. An email will be processed within 24 hours.

Preventive Measures

In order to prevent similar issues from arising in the future, it is important to ensure the quality of the product. It is also important to check the power supply and hydraulic hoses regularly for any signs of wear or damage. Furthermore, the pressure should be adjusted regularly to ensure that it is at the desired level.

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