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“H” CLASS Drive Chain Transfer ROOFTOP CHAINS (H78A/H78B/H130/H131/H138)
“EVER-POWER” Transfer Chain is available in two types: “H” Class Transfer Chain and Combination Transfer Chain. “H” Class Transfer Chain includes those numbered H78A, H78B, H130,H131, and H138. All “H” Class Transfer Chain is available just in riveted structure. “H” Class Transfer Chain numbered H 78A, H 130,and H 131 is made with peaked roofs. Chain numbered H 138 and H 78B has smooth roofs.
Combination Transfer Chain includes those numbered C55A, C55B, and C55D. It is available just in riveted structure with peaked roofs.
Both types of EVER-POWER Transfer Chain, described sometimes as “roof top” and “camelback”chain, are created to carry heavily concentrated loads such as for example lumber, boxes, barrels, and crates. They are often intended for procedure in troughs in two or more parallel strands.with only the tops of the links protruding.
All “H” Class Transfer Chain comes in Promal (Duramal). The tensile strengths of HZPT Transfer Chain range between 11,700 to 30,000 pounds.
Rivet pins furnished with “H” Class Transfer Chain are T-head pins which engage two mind holders, cast privately bars of every link, to prevent pin rotation and minimize wear and elongation of pitch.
“EVER-POWER” Transfer Chain comes in a pitch range of 1.631 to 4.000 inches.
Every “EVER-POWER” Transfer Chain is manufactured according to manufacturer’s criteria and could be interchanged with chain of other producers, where available.