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Economical, commonly used worm wheels that have broad utility. Obtainable with a large collection of modules and amount of teeth.

The simplest way to obtain a big speed reduction with high torque in a concise space is with worm gear drives. We stock worms and worm tires are available in modules 0.5 to 10 and in speed ratios of 1/10 to 1/120, made in a variety of maaterials and styles. We also offer stock duplex worms and worm tires with which you can easily obtain a suprisingly low Gray Iron Worm Gear Wheels backlash, high rotational precision program.

Comparing of tow materials for Worm Wheel


Bronze is a copper base alloy that consists of copper as the main alloying metal and a number of various other metals, such as for example tin, zinc, or phosphorus. Silicon bronze is a typical bronze alloy.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is a very durable iron alloy with high levels of carbon. Types include ductile iron, gray iron and white cast iron grades. Variations in grades are due to variations in composition and processing.