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Easily removable gear coupling. Teeth make use of high-frequency hardening and surface area uses chromate plating for high strength. Tooth type uses crowning machining and can be used up to a optimum of 5°. Pilot hole products and shaft hole complete items with keyway and tap available
Gear couplings transmit the highest amount of torque and the best amount of torque in the tiniest diameter of any flexible coupling.
Each coupling contains two hubs with crowned exterior gear teeth. The hubs mesh with two internally splined flanged sleeves that are bolted collectively. Gear couplings Gear Couplings Inner Hub And Ring Gear accommodate angular and axial misalignment by the rocking and sliding of the crowned gear the teeth against the mating sleeve the teeth. Parallel misalignment is accommodated by having two adjacent hub/sleeve flex factors. Gear couplings need periodic lubrication based on the application. They are sensitive to lubrication failures but if correctly installed and managed, these couplings have something life of three to five 5 years and in some instances they can last for many years.
Gear Couplings’ triple-crowned teeth are crowned upon the main, tip and encounter to articulate freely and minimize wear due to misalignment. Through the elimination of tip-loading while reducing backlash and radial clearances,HEPT triple-crown teeth can help protect products from damaging loads.
13 versions for general purpose, high-speed and high-torque applications

Huge flex hubs accomodate high-torque applications in space-limited installations

28 sizes

Up to 43 in . (1,067 mm) bore capacity

Up to 72,450,000 in-lb (8,185,763 Nm) torque capacity

3-year, heavy-duty warranty