Experience Unmatched Power with the 700 Class Pintle Chain

The 700 Class Pintle is a long-pitch chain that offers optimum power with minimal fatigue. This versatile chain perfectly fits various applications, including sewage plant applications, conveying systems, and elevating equipment.

Design and Construction

The 700 Class features uniquely designed sidebars with casted lugs for a perfect fit. The T-head pins fit snugly, effectively eliminating pin rotation and preventing the entrance of dirt and grit into the accurately cored pin holes. This closed bearing construction further helps to keep the chain safe from pitch elongation due to abrasive wear.

Chain Construction

Riveted chain construction is recommended for sewage application, but both cottered and riveted construction are available upon request. For enhanced durability, stainless steel cotters can be furnished when specified.

Attachments and Additional Features

The 700 Class Pintle Chain is equipped with “F” attachments that conform to industry standards. Other special attachments are also available upon request. Furthermore, the chain comes with carbon steel heat-treated pins, which ensure optimum articulation as they fit perfectly into the accurately cored holes of the chain links.

Brutaloy Sprocket Wheels

Brutaloy wheels are available for the 700 Class Pintle Chain. The chain's curved sidebars enhance its lifespan, especially when run on Chain Saver Hunting Tooth Sprockets. A, F, K, and M type attachments are also available.

Applications and Operation

As a drive chain, the 700 Class Pintle links are designed to drive in the direction of their barrel ends. When used as elevator and conveyor chains, they drive in the direction of their open ends. This chain is created according to manufacturer's specifications and is interchangeable with other manufacturers' chains.

Why Choose WLY?

When it comes to quality, price, and service, WLY is a leading brand in the field. We deliver superior products that live up to the highest industry standards. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our vast production capabilities make us a trusted choice for many businesses worldwide.


Explore the 700 Class Pintle Chain and Experience the WLY Difference

We invite you to explore the many benefits of our 700 Class Pintle Chain. Its quality construction, unique features, and versatile applications make it an excellent choice for various industries. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to place your order.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What types of applications is the 700 Class Pintle Chain suitable for?

A: The 700 Class Pintle Chain is perfect for sewage plant applications, as well as conveying and elevating uses.

Q: Are different types of construction available for the 700 Class Pintle Chain?

A: Yes, both riveted and cottered construction types are available upon request.

Q: Can the 700 Class Pintle Chain be customized with different types of attachments?

A: Yes, we offer A, F, K, and M type attachments, and other special attachments are also available on request.


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