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Black Ace Double Pitch Roller Chain Sprockets are manufactured with the highest integrity. You will understand value, as these sprockets are flame-cut and machined with the best precision chain sprocket Available on the market.

ANSI Standard Torch Profiles
A – B – C Hub Types
A SORT (no hub) typically found in weld-on applications.
B Type (hub on one side) used in applications where clearance width is narrow. More economical than C Type.
C Type (hub upon both sides) found in applications where B Type isn’t wide enough to withstand torques made by drive.
Split Style Structure – Once you utilize a Split Sprocket, you may never want to employ a setscrew mount style again. Removal or installation is a breeze. Can be used in practically all applications. Another advantage to Dark Ace’s split sprockets can be that the shaft/keyway security is much tighter than a typical setscrew mount.
Hardening Available – Flame hardening of sprockets is available as a choice.