Different Types of Forklift Hydraulic Cylinders Available in the Market

forklift hydraulic cylinders are pivotal components in the functionality of forklifts. They are responsible for generating the force necessary to lift and transfer heavy loads. There are several types of forklift hydraulic cylinders available in the market, each with its unique features, applications, and benefits.

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Features and Applications

Single acting hydraulic cylinders are the simplest form of hydraulic cylinders. They contain one port for hydraulic fluid to flow in and out of the cylinder. It is the hydraulic fluid pressure that extends the cylinder to perform work, and an external force, often gravity, retracts the cylinder. They are commonly used in applications where the load can assist in retracting the cylinder such as in forklifts.

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Features and Applications

Double acting hydraulic cylinders, as the name suggests, can perform work in both directions. They feature two ports for hydraulic fluid to flow in and out of the cylinder. The fluid extends and retracts the cylinder in a controlled manner. Double acting cylinders provide more power and control than single acting cylinders and are used in forklifts that require precise control over the load.

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Features and Applications

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are a special type of double acting cylinders. They feature multiple stages or sleeves which allow for a much longer stroke than traditional cylinders while maintaining a compact, retracted size. This makes them ideal for applications such as forklifts that require a high lift height but have limited space.

Plunger (or Ram) Cylinders

Features and Applications

Plunger cylinders, also known as ram cylinders, are a type of single acting cylinder. They feature a plunger or ram which slides inside the cylinder barrel. Plunger cylinders are used in applications that require a large amount of force over a relatively short distance, such as in certain types of forklifts.

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