Cycloidal Gearbox

What is a Cycloidal Gearbox?

Cycloidal gearboxes are a new type of reducer that applies the principle of planetary transmission and uses cycloid pinwheel and pin-tooth meshing. It is also called a planetary cycloidal pinwheel gear speed reducer. It has the characteristics of small size, compact structure, and lightweight. As its input shaft and output shaft are on the same axis, it occupies a small space after being directly connected to the motor.,

Cycloidal drive gearboxes are widely used in petroleum, environmental protection, chemical industry, cement, transportation, textile, pharmaceutical, food, printing, lifting, mining, metallurgy, construction, power generation, and other industries. The main parts of cycloidal gearboxes are all made of bearing steel after quenching and fine grinding; it owns a large overload capacity and can withstand strong impact performance. View the individual product lists for more information.

Precision Cycloidal Gearbox for Sale

BLD XLD Vertical Flange Mounted Cycloidal Gearbox

BWD XWD Series Horizontal Cycloidal Gearbox

BWED XWED Series Double-stage Planetary Cycloidal Gearbox

BL XL Series Vertical Double-shaft Cycloidal Gearbox

BLY XLY Series Cycloidal Gearbox for Mixers

BWY XWY Series High-Efficiency Cycloidal Gearbox

BLED XLED Series Easy-to-install Cycloidal Gearbox

BW XW Series Horizontal Double-shaft Cycloidal Gearbox

BWE XWE Series Large Load-capacity Cycloidal Gearbox

BLE XLE Series Double-stage Cycloidal Gearbox

Types of the Cycloidal Gearbox

BW/XW horizontal double-shaft cycloid reducer
BL/XL vertical double-shaft cycloid reducer
BWY/XWY horizontal cycloid reducer with direct-connected motor
BLY/XLY vertical cycloid reducer with direct-connected motor
BWD/XWD horizontal cycloid reducer with motor connected by flange
BLD/XLD vertical cycloid reducer with motor connected by flange
BWE/XWE horizontal double-stage cycloid reducer
BLE/XLE vertical double-stage cycloid reducer
BWED/XWED horizontal double-stage cycloid reducer with motor
BLED/XLED vertical double-stage cycloid reducer with motor

Features of Cycloidal Reducer Gearbox

Cycloidal gearbox (cycloid pinwheel reducer) can refer to cycloidal drive gearbox. It is a mechanism that reduces the speed of the input shaft by a certain percentage. A cycloidal gearbox is a planetary transmission principle application using a new cycloidal pin gear meshing type. The equipment can be divided into three parts: input, deceleration, and output.
A cycloidal gearbox is a new type of transmission mechanism. It has many characteristics. First of all, its transmission ratio is very large. The single-stage transmission ratio is about 9-87; the two-stage transmission ratio is about 99-7569; the transmission ratio can be even greater. Secondly, the transmission efficiency is very high. The single-stage transmission efficiency exceeds 90%. Third, its structure is compact, small, anddlightweightt. The high-speed shaft and the low-speed shaft are located on the same shaft, so installation and removal are very easy. Fourth, it can run smoothly, low noise. In addition, it can withstand overloads and attacks. Fifth, it is quite reliable and has a long service life.

How Does a Cycloidal Gearbox Work?

The cycloidal disc’s lobes operate as teeth and make contact with pins on a static ring gear as it rotates. Additionally, the cycloidal disc contains roller pins that stick out from the disc and connect to an output disc that transmits momentum to an output shaft.

High gear ratios (typically 100:1 or larger) with exceptional rigidity, good shock load capacity, steady rebound over the gearbox life, and minimal wear are all provided by cycloidal gearboxes, which utilise the concepts of cycloidal gears.

Although cycloidal gearboxes come in a variety of configurations, the fundamental idea is the same: an input shaft is eccentrically mounted to a driving member or bearing, which drives a cycloidal disc in an eccentric motion. The cycloidal disc’s lobes function as teeth and make contact with pins on a ring gear that is stationary as the disc rotates. The roller pins on the cycloidal disc extend through the disc and are attached to an output disc, which transmits motion to an output shaft.

Cycloidal gears require extremely precise manufacturing and assembly, making them far more challenging to produce than involute gears. They do, however, provide notable advantages in particular situations. First, given the length of the gearbox, they may deliver transmission ratios up to 300:1 in a reasonably small design.

Electric Motor for Cycloidal Gearbox

Y Series Three-phase Asynchronous Electric Motor

YEJ series Three-phase Asynchronous Brake Motor

VFG Three-phase Variable-frequency Motor

Customized Motor

1. this series gear unit configures a three-phase asynchronous electric motor;

2. voltage:380V/50Hz;

3. protection class:IP54, insulation class: F; temperature rising class : B;

4. ambient temperature : -15-40。C;

5. continue working duty: S1;

6. altitude less than 1000m;

7. self-cooling with a fan: C0141;

8. within frame l100, follow connection Y; from frame 112, follow connection ;

9. first, select 4,6,8 poles of the 1motor;

1. Based on the Y series motor, add a brake;

2. voltage: 380V/50Hz;

3. brake voltage: frame: 71~100 DC99V   frame: 112~200 DC170V;

4. with single phase AC200V/50Hz rectifier;

5. protection class: IP54, insulation class: F, temperature rising class: B;

6. ambient temperature:-15~40。C;

7. continue working duty: S1;


9. self-cooling with a fan: C0141;

10. upon to frame 100, follow connection Y. From frame 112, follow connection ;

11. first select 4,6,8 poles motor;

1. voltage:380V;

2. rated frequency 50Hz;

available frequency:5~50Hz;

3. protection class: IP54, insulation class: F, temperature rising class: B;

4. ambient temperature:-15~40。C;

5. continue working duty: S1;

6. altitude less than 1000m;

7. cooling with independence fan: C416;

8. connection performs the requirement of the inverter;

9. first, select 4 poles motor;

1. others like explosion-proof, roller motors, marine motors, or multi-speed motors coupled by the adaptor need a different frequency voltage; please contact us.

2. ambient temperature is not in-15~40。C; please contact.

3. For higher insulation and protection class, please contact us.

Cycloidal Gearbox Installation Precautions

1. When installing couplings, belt pulleys, sprockets, and other coupling parts on the cycloidal gearbox accessories’ the output shaft is not allowed to use direct hammering methods because the output shaft structure of the cycloidal gearbox cannot withstand the axial hammering force. You can use the shaft end screw hole to screw the screw into the coupling piece.
2. The shaft diameters of the output shaft and input shaft are matched with GB1568-79.
3. The eyebolts on the cycloidal gearbox is only for lifting the cycloidal gearbox.
4. When the cycloidal gearbox is installed on the foundation, the elevation of the installation center line, the levelness, and the relevant dimensions of the corresponding parts should be calibrated. The concentricity of the calibrated shaft should not exceed the allowable range of the coupling.
5. When the cycloidal gearbox is calibrated, it can be carried out with steel spacers or cast iron spacers. The height of the spacers is not more than three, and it can also be carried out with a contract iron, but the reducer should be replaced with flat spacers after calibration.
6. The configuration of the cushion block should avoid causing deformation of the machine body and should be arranged symmetrically on both sides of the foundation bolts. The mutual distance can be enough to allow the water slurry to flow freely during irrigation.
7. The irrigation of cement slurry should be dense, without bubbles, voids, and other defects.

Cycloidal Gearbox Lubrication Requirements

1. The horizontal cycloid gearbox adopts oil pool lubrication under normal conditions, and the oil level can be kept in the middle of the oil sight window. When the working conditions are wrong and the ambient temperature is high, circulating lubrication can be used.
2. Cycloid gearbox generally chooses 40# or 50# mechanical oil lubrication at room temperature. To improve the performance of the reducer and extend the service life of the cycloid pinwheel reducer, it is recommended to use 70# or 90# extreme pressure gears. Lubricating oil should be reconsidered when working under high and low-temperature conditions.
3. The vertical installation of the planetary cycloid reducer gearbox must prevent the oil pump from cutting off the oil to avoid damage to the parts of the reducer.
4. When refueling, you can turn the breather cap on the upper part of the seat to refuel. When draining the oil, turn the drain plug at the bottom of the main seat to drain the dirty oil. There is no lubricating oil inside the reducer when it leaves the factory.
5. New oil should be replaced for 100 hours after the first refueling operation (clean the dirty internal oil), and then continue to work afterward. Replace every six months (8-hour work system). If the working conditions are wrong, the oil change time can be appropriately shortened. The practice has proved that frequent cleaning and oil change of the reducer (such as 3-6 months) play an essential role in extending the service life of the reducer. Lubricating oil should be frequently added during use.
6. The factory-made reducer has been greased and replaced every six months.

How to Solve the Problem of Oil Leakage when the Cycloidal Gearbox is in Use?

The oil leakage problem of the cycloidal gearbox is mainly because the internal pressure of the cycloidal gearbox is greater than the outside atmospheric pressure; if you try to balance the pressure inside and outside the machine, oil leakage can be prevented. The solution to the oil leakage problem in the cycloidal pinwheel reducer: An oil cup-type vent cap was made, the original thin inspection hole cover was changed to 6 mm thick, and the oil cup-type vent was changed cap was welded to the cover plate. The diameter of the vent hole is 6 mm, which is convenient for ventilation and realizes pressure equalization. Moreover, when refueling, the oil is added from the oil cup without opening the inspection hole cover, which gearboxes the chance of oil leakage.

When Should We Pay Attention to the Oil Change of the Cycloidal Gearbox?

In the current organizations used to transmit power and motion, the application scale of the cycloidal gearbox is appropriate and comprehensive. It can be seen in almost all kinds of mechanical transmission systems, which have brought a lot of convenience to our lives. How can we make it last longer? The oil of the cycloidal reducer gearbox should be changed. In future use, the oil quality should be checked regularly, and the oil mixed with impurities or degeneration should be replaced in time. Under normal circumstances, for the cycloidal gearbox that works continuously for a long time, new oil should be replaced according to 5000 hours of work or once a year, and the cycloidal gearbox that is out of service for a long time should also be replaced with new oil before working from the beginning. Cycloid minus oils that are the same as the original trademark should not be mixed with trademark oils. Oils with the same trademark but viscous are allowed to be mixed.

How to Change the Lubricating Oil of the Cycloidal Gearbox?

1. Cut off the power to prevent electric shock. Wait for the cycloidal gearbox to cool down, and there is no risk of burning; note: the cycloidal gearbox should still be warm when changing the oil.
2. Put an oil pan under the oil drain plug;
3. Open the oil level plug, breather, and oil drain plug;
4. Remove all the oil;
5. Install the oil drain plug;
6. Inject new oil of the same brand (note: do not add lubricants of different brands into the same cycloid reducer);
7. The amount of oil should be consistent with the installation position;
8. Check the oil level at the oil level plug;
9. Tighten the oil level plug and breather.

Cycloidal Gearbox Manufacturers China

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