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Crane Duty Helical Equipment Boxes
Satisfactory performance of the gearbox depends upon correct selection. The selection of a gear unit is certainly influenced by the class of duty of the crane that ought to be determined and specified. Single, Dual and Triple stage Horizontal gear products type HA, HB and HC are suggested for Hoist and Long Travel drive. Three stage vertical equipment units type VC are suggested for cross travel drives of the EOT crane. Assembly arrangement must be specified while buying the gear units.

1. Compute the mandatory reduction ratio.
2. Determine the horsepower crane duty helical gearbox required for the prime mover.
3. Refer to the rating table, see in the ratio column and predicated on input rpm verify the gear box rating horizontally for various class of duty of the crane.
4. The size ought to be selected such that the ranked HP is equal or more compared to the consumed HP.

1. Select a unit to transmit 9 HP from 720 rpm electric electric motor for hoist drive in a class II duty crane, the reduction ratio required is 31.50.
· For hoist drive a two stage horizontal gearbox type HB will end up being suitable.
· Start to see the ratio column and in the size HB-350, for input rpm of 720 in course II duty the ranked HP is 9.5
· Because the consumed HP can be 9, the machine HB-350 will become suitable.

2. Decide on a unit to transmit 3 HP from 960 rpm electric engine for cross travel drive in a course IV duty crane, the decrease ratio required is 14.26.
· For cross travel drive, a vertical gearbox type VC will be suitable.
· See the ratio column and in the size VC – 32Q, for input rpm of 960 in course IV duty the ranked HP is 3