Comprehensive Guide to Raking Hay with a V Rake

As an integral part of the haymaking process, raking hay can significantly influence the quality of the final product. A V rake, also known as a wheel rake, is commonly used to streamline this process. This article will guide you through the steps to effectively rake hay using a V rake.

Understanding the Importance of Raking Hay

Raking hay is a crucial stage in haymaking. It involves gathering cut hay into windrows for easier baling. The right raking technique can help maintain hay quality, minimize leaf loss, and increase your overall yield.

What is a V Rake?

A V rake, also known as a wheel rake, is a type of designed to handle larger fields. It consists of a series of rake wheels arranged in a V-shaped configuration. V rakes are preferred for their efficiency, durability, and ability to handle different hay types and conditions.

Steps to Rake Hay with a V Rake

Step 1: Prepare Your Field

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Before raking, ensure the hay is properly dried. The ideal moisture content should be around 18-20%. Raking wet hay can lead to molding and nutrient loss.

Step 2: Adjust the V Rake Settings

Adjust the rake wheels' height to ensure they don't dig into the ground. Also, adjust the windrow width according to the size of your baler. These adjustments will help prevent soil contamination and produce uniform windrows.

Step 3: Start Raking

Drive the tractor at a moderate speed, ensuring the rake wheels are touching the ground. The V rake will collect the hay and form it into a windrow in the center.

Step 4: Monitor the Process

Keep an eye on the raking process to ensure the hay is evenly distributed and the windrows are of consistent size. Make necessary adjustments to the V rake or your driving speed as needed.

Benefits of Raking Hay with a V Rake

V rakes offer numerous benefits. They are efficient and can cover large fields quickly. They are also adjustable, allowing you to customize the windrow size according to your baler. Lastly, V rakes are durable and can handle different hay conditions.

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