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The worm gears created by EP are square and so are considerably versatile for installation. The machining of the parts, carried out using numeric control devices, guarantees optimum precision for the restricted tolerances, making a product that will remain reliable as time passes. The groupings are constructed of aluminium casings from sizes 025 to 090, while the sizes 110, 130 and 150 are made from cast iron. All the bodies are painted with RAL 9022 aluminium color to protect the parts from aging and also to give better security against microblowholes that may be present in the aluminium. The gears are supplied with at least one filling connect that’s also used during assessment to check for feasible leaks. A connection flange enables two gears to become combined to be able to obtain high equipment ratios. Four sizes of CHPC pre-stage gears are available to set with the gears; they are also built in aluminium and so are painted just like the worm gears
Gears that are given mounting flanges must be assembled with motors whose shaft and flange tolerances match a “normal class” of CHM – WORM GEARED MOTORS AND WORM GEAR UNITS quality in order to avoid vibration and forcing of the insight bearing. Motors given by Chiaravalli Group S.p.A. guarantee that this necessity is fulfilled. For simple consultation, the correspondence of how big is the B5 and B14 motor with the sizes of the shaft and the electric motor connection flange are proven in the next table. Understand that, as the motor connection flanges are separate from the body it is also possible to have a shaft / flange combination that will not correspond to the table, electronic.g. 19/140, thereby offering adaptability for various other non-unified models like the brushless or immediate current types.