Silent Chains

A is a type of chain drive that can transmit loads faster and quieter than other types of transmissions. It is often used in demanding industrial applications. The speed range of silent chains is often greater than that of a typical . WLY is an experienced silent chain supplier in China offering wholesale silent chains. Contact noe if you are interested.

What is Silent Chain?

Silent chains are popular in racing engines. In fact, a silent chain was introduced into the automotive industry during the early 1900s, when it was widely used in timing / cam drive applications in automobile engines.

Today, silent chains are found in a wide variety of demanding industrial applications, including rock crushers, blowers, industrial fans, and conveying applications. In addition to being designed to be smooth acting, they are also highly durable and tolerant of elevated temperatures.

Silent chains are typically made of pin-connected flat steel plates with straight teeth. These plates fit very closely into sprockets. They can be single pin or two pin joints. Some silent chain constructions may include spacers.

Silent Chain Drive

What is a Silent Chain Used For?

A silent chain is an auto transmission drive unit characterized by the presence of a guide plate. The guide plate serves as a rigid member to maintain the proper motion of the chain around the .

Guide plates are typically arch-shaped and provide a high level of durability and resistance to impact. They also have the ability to exhibit spring action. This feature allows the designer to adjust the radius of curvature of the guide plate to achieve the desired degree of resiliency and durability.

When the sprocket and the working chain are in mesh, the tension and collision force of the chains are absorbed by the arcuate inner peripheral surface 22 of the guide plate. This is advantageous for reducing the noise generated by meshing.

In addition, the arcuate shape of the inner peripheral surface of the guide plate enables the sprocket to be free of stress concentration. Moreover, the radius of arc curvature of the contact surface is in the range of 35 to 45% of the chain pitch.

Additionally, the sprocket can be fitted with the same number of teeth as the driven sprocket. This allows the rotational speed of the master-slave sprocket to be set to the average speed of the sprocket. This provides a significant reduction in the fluctuation of the instantaneous transmission ratio.

Although a variety of different types of silent chains exist, all of them share similar basic features. Some of these include flat tooth shaped driving links, chain pitch, and an arch shaped guide plate.

What is a Silent Chain

Advantages of Silent Chain

Silent chains are a type of chain drive which is used in high-speed applications. Its advantages are a low noise, smooth running, and a strong performance. It has been applied in a wide range of applications, such as automotive, industrial, and racing engines.

The structure of the silent chain is made up of a large number of flat link plates stacked one above the other. Each link plate is attached to the teeth of the sprocket by pins. Pins can be round or D-shaped. These chains have a gear-like contour, but are not as rigid as a roller chain.

What is a Silent Chain Sprocket?


A silent chain sprocket is a device for reducing the noise of the moving parts of a power transmission system. In conventional silent chains, there are guide plates arranged on both sides of the chain width direction. Moreover, there is a groove for inserting the guide plate. This can minimize the load on the sprocket tooth.

To make a silent chain transmission device, you need to first identify the sprocket with the best design. There are several factors to consider, such as the number of links in the chain and the sprocket's diameter. If you want to reduce the cost of your equipment, you should find out a sprocket with a smaller diameter. However, it is important that you don't reduce the weight of the chain. The reduced number of links can mean that your sprocket will last longer.

Silent Chain Sprocket Design

The sprocket must have the ability to engage the link assembly. Ideally, the guide plate should be closer to the center than the link assembly.

In the case of a silent chain, a sprocket with curved outer and inner flanks has the benefit of decreasing the number of guide plates. It also has the advantage of minimizing the impact of the link on the sprocket tooth.

The other advantage of a sprocket with rounded outer and inner flanks is the corresponding reduction in noise. In fact, a sprocket with these features is the most efficient way to generate the largest amount of power from the driving sprocket to the driven sprocket.

Roller Chain VS Silent Chain

Roller Chain
Silent Chain

There are two basic types of chains, roller chains and silent chains. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But both can be used in different types of applications.

Roller chains are usually made from plain carbon steel. The tensile strength of a roller chain depends on its material and design. This is important because if the load on the chain exceeds a certain threshold, link plate fatigue can lead to failure.

On the other hand, silent chains are made from hardened steel. They are quiet, abrasion-resistant and can tolerate elevated temperatures. They are available in several sizes and standard constructions.

Silent chains are also available in side guided and center guided models. Both these types are suited for high-speed drives. In addition to their low noise, they have high capacity. With more flat links in each link, they can carry more horsepower per inch of chain width.

Roller chains can be manufactured in pitch sizes of 0.25 to 3.0 inches. These chains are used in many drives. If you are unsure which type to choose, consult a power transmission specialist.

While silent chains are more expensive than roller chains, they offer superior durability and smooth operation. They are ideal for power transmission in industrial equipment. Some of them are designed to be flexible, allowing the chain to flex between each pitch.

Silent chains are more resistant to noise than roller chains. They are often recommended in noisy environments. However, they are not good for reversing applications.

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