Agricultural Chain

Agricultural chains are used in agricultural machinery to harvest crops and transport them. They are used with a wide variety of attachments. Their strength and durability can help increase the scale and efficiency of farm operations.

Agricultural chains are available in various materials, including carbon and stainless steel. Typically, they are designed to meet ISO 487 international standards. The chains also include special lubricant to help with arduous conditions.

Agricultural Chain Types

Agricultural Chains are vital components of agricultural machinery. They are used to drive and process crops. Agricultural chains are made from durable materials and are suitable for use in a variety of environments. These chains are available in different styles and sizes.

Agricultural chains are designed to carry heavy loads without bending or breaking. Various attachments can be installed on these chains to help them serve a variety of applications. Some chains are alloyed for strength and corrosion resistance.

“CA-type” roller chains are used for power transmission and attachments. Agricultural chains are also manufactured with special coatings for glare protection and corrosion resistance. CA-type agricultural roller chains are rust resistant and have superior strength compared to the A-type chain. These agricultural chains are commonly used in combine harvesters. Other applications of this chain include fertilizing and processing crops.

A-type series of agricultural roller chains feature an extended figure eight shaped side plate and is found in a wide range of applications. This is the second most common used agricultural chain. Please note we stock a complete line of attachments for A-Type chains.

MR-type chains are less common. This type of chain was developed to replace malleable iron chains. It is often fitted with two setscrews for easy fitting and installation. Besides its open barrel design, the MR-type is characterized by its higher tensile strength. Various attachments are also available for the MR-type. Some common ones include round balers and feed wagon lifts. In addition, this chain can be used for a variety of other farm equipment.

WLY Transmission is one of the excellent agricultural chain manufacturers and suppliers. Our agricultural machinery chain is highly durable and comes in many different sizes and pitches. Agricultural chains are sometimes alloyed for extra strength.

Agriculture Chain

Agricultural Chain Characteristics

These chains can be interchanged with major machinery manufacturers. Besides, the chains are made to meet the most demanding heat treatment processes. All of these features make them durable and strong.

Agricultural chains are ideal for harvesting crops in large volumes. This is particularly important since agricultural growth is a key driver of poverty reduction.

Agricultural chains are made with a variety of attachments, such as sprockets and fasteners. Depending on the application, the chains may be coated with special coatings to prevent corrosion or to enhance glare resistance.

Agricultural chains are often alloyed, a feature that makes them more durable. These chains are usually stronger than Grade 80. Usually, the tensile strength is the most common measure of chain strength.

Agricultural chains are also available in hollow pin and solid pin. Moreover, they can be manufactured using carbon and alloyed materials.

Agricultural chains are also produced with high quality steel, which is then treated with heat treatment.

Agricultural Chain

Applications of Agricultural Chains

Agricultural chains are used to increase the scale and productivity of farm operations. They are designed to handle difficult conditions and have a track record of lasting performance. They also offer a variety of accessories to increase their capacity and durability.

Agricultural Chain Application Agricultural Chain Application

Agricultural Chains and Sprockets

Agricultural SprocketsThe sprockets of agricultural chains have many uses. These can be made of plastic or steel and are available in pairs of differing sizes. They are often used in tandem to provide a synchronous drive system. Sprockets are also used to transmit mechanical power from one part of a machine to another. Some of the more sophisticated sprockets can be fitted with a variety of attachments.

Sprockets of the agricultural variety are made of fully machined steel. While they may not be as flashy as their cast cousins, they are more than capable of delivering the power and torque that your machinery demands. In fact, they can even withstand heavier loads. Many balers rely on these powerhouses to get the job done. A large hay baler might use as many as fifty sprockets.

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