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Reversible Plough PTO Shaft: The Ultimate Guide

Product Overview A reversible plough PTO shaft is a device used to transfer power from a tractor or other vehicle to a machine or agricultural implement. It enables the power of the tractor¡¯s engine to operate machinery such as a plough, cultivator, or mower. The PTO...

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Field Cultivator PTO Shaft: Heavy-Duty, Versatile, and Reliable

Product Specifications Size: 1 3/8¡± 6 spline tractor side and 1 3/8¡± 6 spline implement side Length: 48 inches Material: Steel Weight: 37.4 lbs Power Output: 40 HP Compatibility: Fits most Category 1 tractors and implements Product Features Heavy-duty construction...

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Straw Chopper PTO Shaft

Product Specifications The Straw Chopper PTO Shaft is a durable and reliable component used in agricultural machinery. It is designed to transfer power from the tractor to the equipment. Technical Specifications: Size: 1 3/8" - 6 Spline Length: 36" - 72" Material:...

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Subsoiler PTO Shaft – A Comprehensive Guide

Product Overview A subsoiler PTO (Power Take-Off) shaft is an essential component of any farming equipment. It is a mechanical shaft that transmits power from the tractor to the agricultural implements. The subsoiler PTO shaft is designed to provide a reliable and...

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Roller PTO Shaft: The Ultimate Guide

Introduction Roller PTO Shaft is a mechanical component that transfers power from tractors or engines to attached machinery. It is commonly used in agricultural equipment, such as tillers, mowers, and seeders, to drive the equipment's cutting blades, wheels, or pumps....

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Irrigation Pump PTO Shaft

Technical Specifications: Dimension: [insert dimension] Weight: [insert weight] Material: [insert material] Power Output: [insert power output] Compatibility: [insert compatible equipment] Product Features: Durability [insert detailed description] Easy Installation...

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Hedge Trimmer PTO Shaft

Product Specifications Dimensions: 1200mm x 80mm x 80mm Weight: 12kg Material: Steel Power output: 30-40 horsepower Compatibility: Suitable for hedge trimmers and other agricultural machinery Product Features Durable and long-lasting Easy to install and maintain High...

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