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“HZPT” cast chain’s practice of lengthy standing provides allowed them to apply experience in the advancement of improveLeaf Chain elevated temperatures and condnions of high abrasion. In addnion to the running gear,the related grate castings are also obtainable.
Our Boiler Moving Grate Chains provides maximum power at minimal weight. It really is totally suned for Boiler slagging-off applications as well as other conveying and elevating at high temps uses.
BOILER MOVING GRATE CHAINS are links cast of malleable iron or Promal (Duramal). It really is a high temperature treated malleable iron having higher strength and superior resistance to use and abrasion. The Promal (Duramal) chains have temperature treated pins ..
If no item in these sample webpages falls into your necessity, we welcome your drawings and /or samples for us to quote and make counter-samples.