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Each time you use the lawn mower, check out the oil amount to see if it is between the higher and decrease scales of the oil scale. 5 hours right after the use of new equipment must be replaced with oil, the use of ten hrs following the oil need to be changed after once again, in accordance to the requirements of the handbook soon after the standard replacement of oil. Replace the oil must be in the motor in a heat state. Filling the oil can not be too a lot, normally it will appear: black smoke, Agricultural gearbox absence of power (cylinder coke as well considerably, spark plug hole little), the engine overheating and so on. Filling the oil can not be too small, in any other case it will be: the motor gear noise, piston ring to accelerate wear and damage, and even seem Lawa and other phenomena, ensuing in critical damage to the motor. Use need to shell out attention to safety.