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We offer one-stop solutions for your transmission requirement: chain sprocket, belt, pulley, gear, rack, gearbox, motor, and many other power transmission parts wholesale. OEM inquiries are also welcomed.

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is a mechanical power transmission parts manufacturer and supplier in china. With over 15 years of experience, WLY is a reliable transmission supply company who has high-performance transmissions for sale. Our goal is to provide true customer service with an experienced sales team, high quality transmission hard parts wholesale, and the highest possible level of product availability. We have exported our products to clients around the world and earned a good reputation because of our superior mechanical power transmission parts quality and after-sales service.

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We value your business culture and needs and always strive to extend your scope with respect to your existing process and beliefs and to deliver you with considerable and evident results in terms of cost-saving, facilitation, simplicity, and efficiency. Our goal is to make the out-sourcing or procurement process easier and customized to your special requirements to maximize your growth and profit.

  • Transmission shaft or replacement
  • Reducers or replacement
  • Sprockets molding installation
  • Chain installations, repairs, replacements
  • Pulleys installation and replacement
  • Gears Woodworking Solutions
  • PTO Shafts, Motors, Vacuum Pumps
  • Shelving and Cases
  • General Handyman Services

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We Have Over 15 Years of Experience in The Industry

Types of Electric Motors

A DC motor is an electrically powered machine. Its commutator is a small device that changes the direction of the current in the coil, thus making the rotor rotate. Typically, DC motors are used in low power applications such as small tools, hoists, elevators, and...

Electric Motor and Gearbox Combination

Electric Motor and Gearbox CombinationThere are several different types of transmission devices, and the Electric Motor and Gearbox Combination is a good example. An electric motor and gearbox combination is an effective way to transfer torque from a rotating shaft to...

Helical Gear Motor

The helical gearbox is one of the most popular types of industrial gearboxes. Its size and low power consumption make it perfect for a wide range of industrial applications. They are ideal for heavy-duty operations and are especially useful in the construction of...

The Different Parts of a Tractor PTO Drive Shaft

There are four basic types of power takeoffs: semi-permanently mounted, permanent, and auxiliary. These are normally driven by a drive shaft. Some PTO units also use accessory drives to power secondary implements and accessories. In marine applications, accessory...

PTO Shaft Sizes

PTO shafts come in many different shapes and sizes. They are used for different jobs and can resist pressure, impacts, and tension. These shafts feature a slip clutch and shear pin to prevent common obstacles. If you're not sure how to measure a PTO shaft, check out...

Choosing an Air Compressor

In the past decade, the demand for energy-saving, reliable air compressors has increased. As an efficient source of compressed air, these air compressors have become the primary tool for industry and agriculture. The high-speed airflow in these compressors carries a...

Types of Transmission Chain

The three basic types of chain are roller chains, engineering steel chains, and flat-top chains. The former are used almost exclusively for lifting and counterbalancing purposes. The latter are used only for conveying purposes. All four are designed to be flexible...

Types of Taper Bushes

A taper bush is a convenient and cost-effective way of mounting a shaft component on a drive shaft. These bushes are made with a pre-machined bore and come with locking set screws, saving the time and effort of machining keyways and bores. They also have a half-hole...

The Effects of Backlash on Cyclo Gearbox Vibrations

Several factors are responsible for the high vibrations produced by a cycloidal gearbox. One of these is the backlash of the output pins. Backlash can be introduced by changing the diameter of the output pin hole and the cycloidal discs. Various loads were applied to...

The Benefits of a Worm Gear Reducer

If you are looking for a low-cost gear reducer, consider purchasing a worm reducer. Worm gear reduction has been around for centuries, and manufacturers have made significant improvements in the design, materials, and manufacturing of worm gear reducers in the last...

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