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We offer one-stop solutions for your transmission requirement: chain sprocket, belt, pulley, gear, rack, gearbox, motor, and many other power transmission parts wholesale. OEM inquiries are also welcomed.

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is a mechanical power transmission parts manufacturer and supplier in china. With over 15 years of experience, WLY is a reliable transmission supply company who has high-performance transmissions for sale. Our goal is to provide true customer service with an experienced sales team, high quality transmission hard parts wholesale, and the highest possible level of product availability. We have exported our products to clients around the world and earned a good reputation because of our superior mechanical power transmission parts quality and after-sales service.

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We value your business culture and needs and always strive to extend your scope with respect to your existing process and beliefs and to deliver you with considerable and evident results in terms of cost-saving, facilitation, simplicity, and efficiency. Our goal is to make the out-sourcing or procurement process easier and customized to your special requirements to maximize your growth and profit.

  • Transmission shaft or replacement
  • Reducers or replacement
  • Sprockets molding installation
  • Chain installations, repairs, replacements
  • Pulleys installation and replacement
  • Gears Woodworking Solutions
  • PTO Shafts, Motors, Vacuum Pumps
  • Shelving and Cases
  • General Handyman Services

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      We Have Over 15 Years of Experience in The Industry

Maximize Your Operations with WLY’s Chain Driven Conveyor Solutions

Get a sneak peek into our production site and showroom by watching the video below. Feel free to visit our factory virtually and see how we craft your chain driven conveyor systems. About Our Chain Driven Conveyors A chain driven conveyor is a powerful and efficient...

A2050 Chain: The Essential Guide to Features, Benefits, and Applications

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Discover the Superior Quality and Performance of the A2040 Chain

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Discover the Exceptional Quality of WLY’s Bush Roller Chain

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Exploring the Superiority of RS60 Chain: A Comprehensive Guide by WLY

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Exploring the Superiority of Steel Rope Chain

We invite you to take a look at our production site and showroom where our superior steel rope chains are masterfully crafted. Introduction of Steel Rope Chain Steel rope chains are reliable and robust items often used in the industrial world for various applications....

Discover the Exceptional X458 Chain from WLY

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Plastic Chain Conveyor Belt: Features, Applications & Maintenance – WLY Transmission

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Discover the Superior Quality of WLY Silent Chain Drives

Experience the manufacturing process of our top-notch products from the comfort of your home. Click on the video below to take a virtual tour of our production site and showroom. Introducing the WLY Silent Chain Drive Our Silent Chain Drive is a product of high-end...

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